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A desperate quest for revenge

Tallstar's Revenge - Erin Hunter, James L. Barry

Tallkit has always felt caged on the moor he calls home. Growing up, he was never able to fulfill his father's expectations, becoming a moor runner rather than a tunneler as both his parents were. After the shadow clan attack, the death of Brackenwing in battle, his father in a cave-in, and the banning of tunneling, the chain of events took a toll on Talltail, laying burden after burden on his shoulders. In an attempt to leave it all behind and take revenge by killing Sparrow, the rogue cat that was able to mysteriously escape the same cave-in of which Talltail's father died, Talltail decides to leave the camp. Along the way, he befriends a kittypet named Jake, who aids him on his journey to find Sparrow. In the end, Talltail learns that his father sacrificed himself in order to save Sparrow, and he returns back to the clan, back to the place he calls home.


Mahatma Gandhi said “An eye for an eye will only make the whole world blind.” Tallstar is but another victim of revenge's grasp. He has been tormented by the thought of never meeting his father's expectations as he was alive, so killing the one who killed him was a desperate effort to supposedly please his father. This is not so different from the Taliban's situation. They were declined the basic right of education, so they bomb schools and kill teachers to keep others away from what they never were able to receive.


Kate Cary is an amazing author who reveals life through the eyes of animals. I recommend this book to new readers who love a thrill of adventure, excitement, and the journey to find where you belong.