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Better Nate Than Ever - Tim Federle

     When his best friend Libby sees an online mention of upcoming auditions for a Broadway production of the hit movie, ET, Nate Foster, an insecure 13-year old boy who has a knack for acting, escapes into the rush of New York City. But, when Libby's “foolproof” plan fails, Nate finds himself lost in a world where the unordinary is ordinary, and dreams can be be broken in a heartbeat.

     Time Federle, discusses real world topics in, Better Nate Than Ever, such as bullying and the gay lifestyle. For instance, Nate is always bullied because most of the kids he comes in contact with think he’s gay. At one point in the story, Nate is beaten up at school so badly that his lips require four stitches. The school officials simply send him off to the hospital for stitches, but no mention is made of any punishment or consequences for the person responsible for the beating. But, in New York, where some of the men are actually gay, it seems to even be normal for certain men to be gay.

     I would recommend this book to others because Federle does a great job of keeping the action moving, adding plot twists and turns and keeping the reader rooting for Nate, as wells as dropping jokes and hilarious moments every now and then.